For 10 years Cox Communications hosted my "Personal Web Spaces" until 2011 when they suddenly discontinued them!

I called and complained!

"But you can move your files to our 'Media Store and Share' service, sir."
"But what about the 10,000 links I posted all over cyberspace to THOSE photo's locations?!? What about my #1 Google ranked sites?!?"
"We're SORRY Sir."

Cox is SORRY, alright: SORRY, SORRY, SORRY!
In early 2019 I caught Cox Communications CENSORING my outgoing emails - If I try to email out a link to “Certain” sites: they BLOCK the email as “Spam”!!! I stopped using Cox’s email account THAT Very Day - Damned Censoring Network Nannies!!!! Do NOT Sign up for Cox: they are Really, REALLY BAD!!!

DO NOT TRUST Cox Communications with your files, or YOU’LL Be SORRY ALSO!!!!!!!!!

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