The 3 Stooges – Liberated!!!

ME-TV Started showing expanded showings of "The Three Stooges" in February of 2020:
Since that time they list 6 Shows on their Three Stooges info page for each Saturday ... but only 4 episodes are shown. Because they need more commercial advertising time they CHOP OUT more than HALF of the Third and Sixth episodes ... for Two-and-a-Third Three Stooges Episodes per Hour.

As a Three Stooges Fan myself, I find this slightly unsatisfactory: and I have a cure for the Situation! I, and now YOU, can watch ALL Six episodes in their entirety with NO Commercial Advertising and not a moment missing from any episode. All you will need is a Video Player that knows how to deal with a standard .M3U or .M3U8 type of PLAYLIST File - and many systems come with such a player built in - but I recommend you get the FREE and Open Source VLC Player to handle these files. 

You can get VLC Player for your System/Phone/Tablet here: After you install it: choose from a playlist below to watch ALL Six Listed Episodes with no cuts or commercials! You may open the playlist files with ANY Player that knows how to read a .M3U / .M3U8 Playlist File Type.

(March 28th, 2020 is the earliest ME-TV "The Three Stooges Show" playlist available.)

3/28 Grips, Grunts and Groans, Shivering Sherlocks, Slap Happy Sleuths, Scrambled Brains, Bedlam in Paradise, Outer Space Jitters 3/28 - Zipped
4/04 Three Missing Links, Rhythm and Weep, Don't Throw That Knife, Hula-La-La, Loose Loot, Sweet and Hot 4/04 - Zipped
4/11 Slippery Silks, Healthy, Wealthy, and Dumb, Idle Roomers, Hocus Pocus, BabySitter's Jitters, Pies and Guys 4/11 - Zipped
4/18 Pardon My Scotch, What's the Matador, Goof on the Roof, Creeps, Rumpus in the Harem, Rusty Romeos 4/18 - Zipped
4/25 Movie Maniacs, Disorder in the Court, Three Little Sew and Sews, We Want Our Mummy, In the Sweet Pie and Pie, Loco Boy Makes Good 4/25 - Zipped
5/02 Restless Knights, Back to the Woods, Matri-Phony, I'm a Monkey's Uncle, Mummy's Dummies, Musty Musketeers 5/02 - Zipped
5/09 Three Pests In A Mess, Micro-phonies, Three Little Pirates, Brideless Groom, Squareheads Of The Round Table, Bubble Trouble 5/09 - Zipped
5/16 Playing the Ponies, Flatfoot Stooges, Three Loan Wolves, Hugs and Mugs, Hot Ice. Commotion on the Ocean 5/16 - Zipped
5/23 Pop Goes the Easel, Tassels in the Air, Mutts to You, Out West, Sing a Song of Six Pants, Spooks 5/23 - Zipped
5/30 Woman Haters, You Natzy Spy, I'll Never Heil Again, He Cooked His Goose, Cuckoo on a Choo Choo, Self Made Maids 5/30 - Zipped
6/06 Termites of 1938, Three Little Twirps, Beer Barrel Polecats, Fuelin' Around, Wham Bam Slam, Hoofs and Goofs 6/06 - Zipped
6/13 Hoi Polloi, Dizzy Doctors, Dizzy Pilots, Fright Night, Knutzy Knights, Guns a Poppin 6/13 - Zipped
6/20 Ants in the Pantry, An Ache in Every Stake, Booby Dupes, Pardon My Backfire, Blunder Boys, Scheming Schemers 6/20 - Zipped
6/27 Punch Drunks, Half Shot Shooters, All Gummed Up, Sitter Downers, If a Body Meets a Body, Dopey Dicks 6/27 - Zipped
7/04 Horses' Collars, Three Smart Saps, Pest Man Wins, For Crimin' Out Loud, Goofs and Saddles, Space Ship Sappy 7/04 - Zipped
7/11 Boobs in Arms, All the World's a Stooge, Of Cash and Hash, Dutiful But Dumb, Tricky Dicks, Fling in the Ring 7/11 - Zipped
7/18 Wee Wee Monsieur, Triple Crossed, Punchy Cowpunchers, A Ducking They Did Go, Idiots Deluxe, Heavenly Daze 7/18 - Zipped
7/25 Ghost Talks, Nutty But Nice, Gypped in the Penthouse, Horsing Around, So Long Mr. Chumps, Uncivil War Birds 7/25 - Zipped
8/01 Cash and Carry, Saved by the Belle, Love at First Bite, Some More of Samoa, Scotched in Scotland, Malice in the Palace 8/01 - Zipped
8/08 Uncivil Warriors, Up in Daisy's Penthouse, Phony Express, Spook Louder, Snitch in Time, Rockin Through the Rockies 8/08 - Zipped
8/15 Whoops I'm an Indian, Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, I Can Hardly Wait, Back from the Front, Crime on Their Hands, Three Hams on Rye 8/15 - Zipped
8/22 Three Little Pigskins, Three Sappy People, Flagpole Jitters, Even as I.O.U., Gents Without Cents, Shot in the Frontier 8/22 - Zipped
8/29 Men in Black, Cookoo Cavaliers, Dunked in the Deep, Crash Goes the Hash, Pals and Gals, Merry Mix Up 8/29 - Zipped
9/05 Monkey Businessmen, Dizzy Detectives, Sock-Bye-Baby, Booty and the Beast, Studio Stoops, Flying Saucer Daffy 9/05 - Zipped
9/12 Disorder in the Court, Movie Maniacs, In the Sweet Pie and Pie, We Want Our Mummy, Three Little Sew and Sews, Loco Boy Makes Good 9/12 - Zipped
9/19 Violent Is the Word For Curly, Three Little Beers, Calling All Curs, Higher than a Kite, Yes We Have No Bonanza, Pain in the Pullman 9/19 - Zipped
9/26 Boobs in Arms, Woman Haters, Crash Goes the Hash, All the World's a Stooge, Matri-Phony, Three Pests in a Mess 9/26 - Zipped
10/03 Dizzy Doctors, Nutty But Nice, I Can Hardly Wait, A Plumbing We Will Go, Gem of a Jam, Three Trouble Doers 10/03 - Zipped
10/10 Punch Drunks, Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise, No Census, No Feeling, What's the Matador, Dizzy Detectives, Idiots Deluxe 10/10 - Zipped
10/17 Three Dumb Clucks, Saved by the Belle, From Nurse to Worse, Cookoo Cavaliers, Sock-Bye-Baby, Monkey Businessmen 10/17 - Zipped
10/24 Grips, Grunts and Groans, The Sitter Downers, Termites of 1938, Rockin Through the Rockies, Three Loan Wolves, Three Little Pirates 10/24 - Zipped
10/31 Flatfoot Stooges, A Ducking They Did Go, Three Sappy People, They Stooge to Conga, Booby Dupes, Micro-Phonies 10/31 - Zipped
11/07 Restless Knights, Playing the Ponies, Tassels in the Air, Dutiful But Dumb, Cactus Makes Perfect, Even as I.O.U. 11/07 - Zipped

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