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The story of my beloved garden ...

Giving Honor to The Lord and Lady and
the Living Spirit of my dear Wife Phoenix.

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Brightly Birdie: Image may take a while to load
If you point at him he will (eventually) fly faster!.

“The Early Bird gets the Nectar, the Next Bird gets Hummingbird Spit
(UNLESS you Fly into Farmer McCall's All Day "Bottomless Flower" Cafe!)

Oldest: Time Lapse Movie of 2 Months Growth

Newest: My Hummingbird Picture Gallery.

Public Notice: I Am NOT the Gardener. God / Goddess are the gardeners:
I'm just the caretaker of The Garden, at best, as long as I AM here.

Not one leaf, not one flower, and not one seed did I grow: God / Goddess,
Phoenix's (my dear wife's) Ghost, The secretly sentient sacred square
sticked sage tree herself, and that scaredy-cat of a hummingbird, they all
did the big work. I'm just the guy that stood there LOVING Them All: &
harvesting a few seeds.

(As I Pollinated each Corolla: I Respectfully Thanked my Goddess "Thank
You, Goddess, for the Many Fertile Seeds: So Mote it Be!". I KNOW my
Prayers were answered YES: 3 new Strains are growing from those seeds.)

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01 Home from the Nursery

02 Two Months Later

03 4 Months After I bought Her (June 2004)

04 July 2004 5 Months after I got Her

05 August 2004

06 October 2004

07 Sage Flowers Blooming November 2004

08 December 2004 (Covered in Flowers)

09 January 2005

10 A Year and a Day (Feb. 2005)

11 Leprechaun in the Garden March 2005

12 March 2005

13 May 2005

14 June 2005 (the Wife's 53rd Birthday - if She'd Lived)

15 August 3rd 2005 (19 Months to the Day since I was Introduced to The Species)

16 August 15th, 2005 Over a Dozen Sacred Square Sticked Sages (And I just Gave 4 of them Away Last Week)

17 September 18th, 2005. A Sacred Square Sticked Sage TREE And a Few Babies that have chosen Names of their Own

18 October 9th 2005 The Mother Plant and some 2 foot tall Sacred Square Sticked Sages

19 20051015 First Signs of a Raceme

20 Looking at one of a Dozen Developing Racemes

21 Sage Premature Flowering November 2 2005

22 A look across the Top of the Big Plant showing Flowers

23 Flowering Racemes November 6th 2005

24 Hand Pollination attempting Seeds

25 Tree full of Flowers November 11th 2005

26 And a Regular Visitor to Her Flowers

27 There is that Hit and Run Pollinating Hummingbird Again

28 Calvin and Dean prepare to Flower

29 Hummingbird Feeding on a Salvia Divinorum Flower Nov 23rd 2005 This 2 speed animation may take a while to Load

30 November 30th 2005 Calvin and Dean when they were just kids

31 Flowers flowers everywhere

32 Green Salvia Divinorum Seeds ripening up inside their Calyx

33 Photo of a Long Raceme taken December 15 2005

34 Photo of Seed Capture Baggies on Calices December 18th 2005

35 The Sage TREE is Still Blooming on December 30th 2005 and it doesn't seem to want to Stop anytime soon

36 New Years Day 2006 Flowering Tree

37 Six Salvia Divinorum Seeds I Removed From Their Calices on January 12th 2006

38 Close up of the 1st Seeds magnified about 25 Times Photo by Daniel Siebert Thank You Phoenix

39 The Lucky Leprechaun and the Sacred Tree WITH Seeds on her

40 Twenty Rare and Precious Salvia Divinorum Seeds January 15 2006

41 A Pile of Seeds Jan 19th 2006 Photograph Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

42 The Cutting I Named Calvin grows Larger Jan 2006

43 Seeds by a Ruler marked in Millimeters Photograph Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

44 Seven in a Row by a Ruler Photograph Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

45 Calyx and 4 Seeds Photograph Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

46 Six Happy Sage Plants in the Garden Groundhogs Day

47 Two of the Seeds Germinating Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

48 Looking down on the BIG Plant from above it is a one tree forest

49 One of the Seedlings from those seeds I Sent to Malibu Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

50 February 20th 2006 She has been growing here for 2 Years

51 The Last Flower of the Blooming Season fell off Feb 27

52 Seedling From one of the Seeds March 1st Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

53 Four Happy Seedlings March 1st Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

54 March 6th 2006 The Whole Garden Came from The Stick in Picture 1

55 March 11 Hail makes a Swiss Cheese of some of my Plants

56 5 Weeks later 5 Planted Seedlings Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

57 8 Weeks later 6 Planted Seedlings Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

58 One of the healthy Seedlings on April 8th 2006 Photo by Daniel Siebert

59 Me In the Garden peeking through one of my Salvia Trees May 9th 2006

60 My Gardens Growth by May 9th 2006

61 Six Seed Raised Babies Growing May 17th 2006 Photo Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

62 Summer Solstice 2006 - I Can't get a Picture of my Whole Tree as the Garden is Getting TOO Crowded

63 A Glimpse of the Garden July 6th 2006

64 Calvin (The Plant from Picture #42) Six Months Later in July 2006

65 My Garden July 31st 2006

66 These 5 Plants got moved to The Eastern Wall of my Building and I give them a Misting

67 Calvin is taller than me after 6 More Months (since Picture #64) December 31st 2006

68 April 4th 2007 Calvin is 6 Feet Tall and 2 Years old today

69 April 14th 2007 The 3 seedlings from left to right Aquarian Phoenix and Moonmaiden Picture Courtesy of Daniel Siebert

70 May 12th 2007 Calvin and a forest of baby plants

71 June 13th 2007 Calvin and babies have grown some in a month

72 June 30th 2007 About half of the giant Salvia trees in the north garden can be seen here

73 September 6th 2007 Several trees in the north garden have gotten quite large

For the Latest Information about this Sacred Plant: Please visit
The Salvia Divinorum Research and Information Center created and maintained by Daniel Siebert.
I Believe he is also a Frequent Contributor to the Wikipedia: Salvia Divinorum Entry.
I wish to Personally Thank Him for his Kind and Generous Donation of his
Time and Information in walking me through the Steps to obtain seeds.
It turned out to Be Surprisingly EASY: I'd be Glad to 'Pay-it-Forward'
and walk YOU through the Steps when YOUR Salvia Plants Bloom in the Fall.

Growing your OWN Salvia Divinorum Seeds!

Bless the Lord and Lady for this great miracle!

Bless ALL the Keepers of the Sacred Sage!
Bless ALL those Kept by the Sacred Sage!

It's Hummertime! My Animated Hummingbird Pictures!

Last Update: March 16th, 2012

Blessed Yule! Merry Un-Birthday! And a Happy 2012!

Welcome Visitor Number:

I wish to thank the Pioneers of Findhorn Gardens in Scotland
(Pronounced "Fiendhorn" in a lovely Scottish Brogue)
who 'proved' that plants spirits CAN be Worked With,
(More About the Magickal Findhorn Gardens in Scotland)

And I thank
The Ghost of my Wife, Phoenix: her STRONG Love for me reached out from
beyond the grave and "Meddled" with the Deva, or Plant Spirit, of this
TREE for TWO Years Running!

Last year I 'Heard' her 'say' "I wanted to give you Flowers (but ghosts have
no Money), so I Helped this Plant Grow some for you!" - after it had
Bloomed over 2 Months non-stop. All the Winter of 2004/2005 she was
Whispering to that plants Deva, with Great Love, "Give him Flowers, give
him LOTS of Flowers!" and I was Presented with 20 Bouquets of a Dozen
sweet & tiny flowers!

Last October she started in AGAIN on my Precious Plant: "Give him
Flowers, give him LOTS & Lots of Flowers!" Then, when that hungry
hummingbird and I started Pollinating those Flowers, she Whispers
to the Plant "Give him SEEDS, give him LOTS of Fertile Seeds!"

the Merging of Phoenix's soul and astral (electronic) body [that shows up
in a Kirlian photograph] with that tree's Deva, and Physical (cellulose) body,
and My Pure, and honoring, and Respectful Love: For both the spirit of my
wife, and the spirit and flesh of the sacred plant. My soul and the Tree's
Deva and Phoenix's soul merge into one flesh when ever I tenderly kiss a
leaf / remove a cutting / pollinate a Flower / Hug a Tree / or Harvest a Seed.

We have created a genetic out-picturing of our love together, in a wooden
sense, exactly as described in the book "Conversations with God: an
Uncommon Dialog, Book two, pages 80 - 83". Kind of like the Virgin birth
thing - except I did the male pollinate part and she ripened the seeds in
their Calices with the Warmth of her Love. Phoenix's Ghost feels VERY
STRONGLY those seeds are her & mine / OUR "Love Children", and in a
way, So do I.

The Blessed, Wooden, Spawn of 2 good witches, madly in love: (one
`Dead' and "Possessing" a Plant's Body), a sweet, spooky, story of an
eternal love that has survived the Grave dozens of times over many

They are the First recorded Mature Seeds EVER harvested in the
continental USA from a Salvia Divinorum Plant, grown Outdoors! I have
been assured that Somebody SOUTH of the Equator (in a Country that
shall remain Nameless) has Obtained Salvia Divinorum seeds from their
Plants last year: so I am NOT the First Person to get mature seeds from this
plant in a NON-Tropical Climate! My Congratulations to that Person (Who
MUST remain Nameless) as It is a Tropical Rain Forest Plant: it's not been
thought to Set mature Seeds in non-tropical climates!

This is the First instance proving that seeds can mature growing OUTDOORS in The USA:
those Growing this Plant in Frost free regions Of The USA (Texas / Florida /
California) take heart! You, too, can hand pollinate flowers that your plant
produces and expect that, in due time, you also will harvest seeds! It is
almost your DUTY to this sacred species of Plant to TRY to increase the
genetic diversity of it by GROWING your OWN salvia plants from seed and
sharing cuttings with many for FREE. Anybody with a greenhouse, or
People with a warm garage using standard florescent lights and a timer to be
able to vary the Light / Dark Ratio: you can get your plants to flower and
hand Pollinate them! For more information about this subject please visit
the "Flower Induction Experiments" section of this Webpage.
Please Note they Only Hand Pollinated 14 Flowers and 4 of those set seeds:
This was in a greenhouse in Michagan, in 1980, and a few others have
demonstrated Salvia divinorum's self-fertility since then.

How to grow your OWN Salvia divinorum seeds.

I have been informed that there is NOTHING Miraculous about
these seeds or the 3 new strains of Salvia Divinorum. This
plant is self fertile and sets seeds if hand pollinated and
the temperature doesn't drop too low during the flowering and
seed maturation period. San Diego has a VERY Mild climate,
I properly hand pollinated (using ONLY a freshly fallen flower),
a hummingbird had my tree high on his preferred nectar source
list and his feeding helped me out with the plants pollination.

All Of the 3 New Strains Have Been Named Now:
  1. Phoenix: In Honor of my Wife.
  2. Aquarian: Named for me - It's my Sign & I DID carry water to them ;-)
  3. Moon Maiden: Cosmic, Indeed!

Rewriting botanical history wasn't what I set out to do. I just set out to take
care of a Rare and Sacred Plant, that's all. The rest of this all "Just
Happened" to me! I am Blessed indeed!

Goddess can do anything if you have Faith in her: I have faith
At Least the size of a Salvia Divinorum Seed!

Blessed Growing be to thee also! Here's all the
good Gardening LUCK you'll ever need:
From The Lucky Leprechaun to YOU!

May the Spirit of Findhorn Gardens grow in your gardens, too!

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