This Web Page Created Sept. 2nd 2006 to Showcase/Image Host my Animated Hummingbird Pictures.

"Be a Smart Bird: fill your Crop, to the Top, in one Stop!"

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Picture 01 The First Time I got a Photo of that Hummingbird was November 25th 2005

Picture 02 This is the Hummingbird I named Brightly Birdie in a MUCH closer shot December 1st 2005

Picture 03 Here is a Smoother Shot of Brightly Birdie's Wings Beating December 1st 2005

Picture 04 The Hummingbird Landed but he Left the Motor Running August 31st 2006

Picture 05 Anna's Hummingbird Feeding August 31st 2006

Picture 06 Oh I Am SO Hungry taken on August 31st 2006

Picture 07 And This is How I Land on the Feeder August 31st 2006

Picture 08 Pardon me while I Scratch September 25th 2006

Picture 09 A Girl Hummer Feeding September 25th 2006

Picture 10 A BIG BURP while the Other Bird Keeps Pumping Nectar

Picture 11 Two Hummingbirds October 12th 2006

Bless the Lord and Lady for the Beauty of Hummingbirds!

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