The Wizard's Simulated 3D Photographs

Homemade 3D stereo image pairs displayed as Red/Cyan 3D anaglyphs.
These 3D images I photographed and created in 2018.
BUT, I do NOT own a 3D Camera! I found a guide
on one of NASA's Pages, for making 3D images -
without a special stereoscopic camera, HERE.

For the "Time Traveler" 3D Images - made by a NEW Process - Go Here: "Historic 3D Recreations - Red / Cyan Anaglyph Page"

Click on one of these 3D thumbnail images to view the full sized 3D View.

Hover your Mouse OVER one of these 3D thumbnail images to view more information about the Image.

From San Diego:

"Coronado Bay Bridge - View 2"

"A Public Sculpture called Green Fire and its Fence"

"Green Fire outside the
Fence - Tripod Shot."

"Green Fire outside the
Fence - View Two."

"Interstate 5 on/off ramps from/to
Pacific Highway - Tripod Shot."

"Rail Crossing signal beneath the (above) Freeway Ramps"

"A Giant Robot invades My Neighborhood!"

"Petco Park - West View."

"Sorrento Valley Coaster Station
- seen across the Bridge."

"Miramar Air Base - Forbidden Military Preserve."

"Sorrento Valley Coaster Station
- The DUCKLINGS Canal."

"Sorrento Valley Coaster Station
- The Canal under I-5."

"I call this 3D Photo: Three on Three."

"Hummingbird on a Feeder."

"Hummingbird on a Feeder - Closer View."

From Solana Beach:

"This is the front view of the Statue
at 312 South Cedros Ave"

"This is the rear view of the Statue
at 312 South Cedros Ave"

"A wind powered public art display
- Bicycle Sculpture."

"The Bridge to Track One"

"Cylindrical Fountain"

"California Harmony (Horse Sculpture)
- Front View"

"The Solana Beach Amtrak Station
- over the Wall"

"The Solana Beach Amtrak Station
- Looking Down at Track One."

"California Harmony (Horse Sculpture)
- Right Long View"

"Love Endures Forever."

From La Mesa:

"This is the Sign out front of

"This is

From Lemon Grove:

"Seen in Lemon Grove ... an
ordinary field of Dandelions."

From National City:

"National City - Camouflaged Building."

From El Cajon:

"View #1 across El Cajon"

"View #2 across El Cajon"

From ... Somewhere:

"View inside the Amtrak Surfliner Upstairs
Looking forward in the front Car."

"I think this Car might
have winked at me!"

"View of the Amtrak Surfliner
SUPERLINER Car Luxury Sleeping
Seats - Like a Lay-Z-Boy."

"View inside the Coaster - Upstairs
Work Table for Laptops or eating."

"SDMTS Trolley with an Advertising
Wrap - Electric Transportation
is Beautiful (SDG&E)."

"View inside the Coaster - Upstairs
corner seats behind the Table Seats."